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Tennis Lesson No. 1

Tennis Lesson No. 1

Guess what I learned today in Tennis? How to serve!! The serve is 12 steps but he only taught us correctly in 3!!



Today we won the game before the championship. But there is one thing special about this game. The special thing is that I made the win happen. So, we were down by 1, the game was 8 to 9 and it was our last batting section. It was 2 outs full count and I was up to bat. I was so mad because we were down. So the pitcher threw a perfect pitch. I didn’t think I was going to hit it, but I decided to hit it. Well, I hit it but I didn’t see it because I needed to go to first base.I didn’t look but it turned out to be a line drive between 2nd and third. I brought two runs in and then we were up by 1. It cheered everyone up to go up to bat and not be nervous. After my hit everyone started hitting it. I just can’t believe that I brought my team to the championship.